Requesting a Landlord Reference

Requesting landlord references (Rental History Verifications) from previous/current landlords are extremely valuable, use our free online service to request landlord references about current/past tenants.

Benefits of requesting a reference using Renter, Inc.

  • More chances of getting a landlord reference about a tenant because there is an incentive for landlords to respond. We pay $1.50 for each landlord reference that landlord responds to
  • Prevent fake landlord references from tenant's friends acting as their landlords. Our system screens the landlords to be owners of the property
  • No need to follow up, our system sends reminders every day so you don't have to keep checking on the status of your requests
  • Save time and paper. Landlord references are requested and submitted online, no need to fax, email consent forms anymore

How to request a landlord reference from a landlord online using Renter, Inc.

1. You fill out a simple form with tenant's information, previous landlord's email address, and upload a release authorization and hit submit.

Request Landlord Reference Online

2. The prior landlord receives an email asking them to provide a landlord reference to you about their tenant with a link to an online form where they can submit a landlord reference. The email also includes the release authorization image as an attachment.

Request Landlord Reference Email Sent to Landlord

3. The previous landlord follows the link from their email and fills out a quick form with fact-based questions about their past tenant rental history.

4. Since this is the first time that the previous landlord visits Renter Inc, the landlord is screened to be a true landlord/property manager of the property where tenant lives. Our system tries to verify automatically, or our team manually verifies if our system is unable to.

5. The landlord reference is emailed to you and is also accessible from the website's dashboard

Request a Landlord Reference from non-user now

Requesting a landlord reference from Renter, Inc. user

If you'd like to request a reference from someone who's already a user of Renter, Inc. Please visit the user's website and follow the link from their website. Please do not request a landlord reference directly from Renter, Inc by clicking on the link below (non user request), because it will require you to verify your identity. Instead just go to the property manager's website and follow the link from their website.

Requesting a landlord reference from a landlord who's not yet a Renter, Inc. user

If you know that the company/landlord that you're trying to request a landlord reference from is not a user of Renter, Inc. you can request a reference from them using our system. However, make sure to notify that landlord/company that there will be an email sent to them requesting them to provide a landlord reference for you.