Tenant Account

Residents have a right to view any information that landlords share about them on the Renter, Inc.

Residents can simply register an account for free, verify their identity and receive an instant access to all the landlord references that are currently submitted about them by the landlords who use us. They will also be notified when a new landlord reference is submitted about them. Residents have access to view exactly what information is submitted about them and have an ability to dispute that information right from the website. Landlord can then respond to the dispute request right from the website. Future landlords who view the report about the resident will be able to see the dispute and view the communication between the landlord and resident and make their own judgement who to believe. Both landlords and residents can also upload attachments to provide proof.

This information is not available for the public use. It's only accessible by the resident, landlord who summitted the landlord reference about that resident and any future landlords who has the permission to check rental references about the resident (when resident applies for rent, purchase a home, etc)