Giving Landlord References

Start giving landlord reference requests online, we provide you with a link to your personal landlord reference request form on our website. Place this link on your website's contact us page and let them know that landlord verification requests must be done using this form only. (Similar to THE WORK NUMBER)

Accept Landlord Reference Online

  • Reduce cost of faxing and labor
  • No need to give out your email address, just give them a link to your form
  • Eliminate giving references to multiple potential landlords about the same tenant, we will notify user that there is already a reference available on our database
  • Ensure compliance automatically by giving you only legal questions to answer
  • Filter out fake landlords because only verified landlords are able to request references
  • Earn credits that you can use to search our Renter Database

Or Simply give a one-time Landlord Reference About your tenant here

Give a Landlord Reference About Your Tenant