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Every day, your tenants initiate consumer processes that require you to respond to rental verification requests. Renting an apartment, applying for a mortgage, applying for college or government assistance are just a few occasions in life where rental history must be verified. But the process to fulfill these requests securely and accurately could place risk on your organization and to your employees.

Can you be sure all managers across your organization are following the proper procedures when fulfilling landlord reference checks? Do they have the ability to track the true identity of who is calling and whether or not there is a permissible purpose to request your tenant’s sensitive information? Is the information being released appropriate, accurate and timely?

At Renter Inc, we understand how critical landlord reference checks are to everyday life, to your business, and to your employees. We don’t take on responsibility for this process lightly; that’s why we make every possible effort to provide a solution that is advantageous to all parties involved: tenants, property managers, landlords, and verifying organizations and agencies.


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Renter Checks, our landlord reference check service, helps to provide peace of mind to current landlords and requesting landlords by:

  • Speeding up Landlord References checks.
  • Credentialing and registering all verifiers
  • Requiring a permissible purpose to access tenant information.
  • Maintaining compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
  • Illiminating the need to print and fax landlord refrences

Additional advantages for Past Landlords

Landlords and Property Managers, choose Renter Inc to handle the rental verifications. Not only does the service help relieve administrative burdens and costs, it keeps tenants’ information secure and helps to mitigate exposure to unauthorized access. Renter Inc allows only verified users access to the information.

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