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Exchange Landlord References Online - REDUCE COST of landlord reference checks, and INCREASE chances of references returned by AUTOMATING your process

How much do landlord reference checks COST you?

  • Time to fax, call the past landlords multiple times
  • Fax machine maintenance, wasted paper
  • Chance of asking/answering non-compliant questions

Request landlord references online

  • Verify landlord’s identity and property ownership automatically
  • More chances of getting a reference returned because of incentives
  • Save time, stress, money
  • Ensure compliance by only asking legal questions

Here is what will happen when you request a landlord reference

  1. You fill out a Landlord Reference Form with applicant’s basic info, landlord’s email and upload the signed consent form
  2. Email is sent to Landlord inviting them to provide a reference every day for 7 days.
  3. Past Landlord fills out the form with fact based questions about your applicant
  4. Get access to the report instantly


Renter Review Sample

Sample Reviews about Renter

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Renter Inc

Renter Checks, our landlord reference check service, helps to provide peace of mind to current landlords and requesting landlords by:

  • Speeding up Landlord References checks.
  • Credentialing and registering all verifiers
  • Requiring a permissible purpose to access tenant information.
  • Maintaining compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
  • Illiminating the need to print and fax landlord refrences

Additional advantages for Past Landlords

Landlords and Property Managers, choose Renter Inc to handle the rental verifications. Not only does the service help relieve administrative burdens and costs, it keeps tenants’ information secure and helps to mitigate exposure to unauthorized access. Renter Inc allows only verified users access to the information.

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