Request Rental Verifications inside AppFolio

Our RenterFile Google Chrome extension adds ability for AppFolio users to request rental verifications online right inside AppFolio Applications. See landlord’s response right inside AppFolio.


Takes you a few seconds to request

Since our online forms are automatically pre-filled with information on the AppFolio application, it will take only a few seconds to request a rental verification.

Get verifications returned in 1 day

Since our system automatically follows up via email and text messages plus rewards those who provide rental verifications in a timely manner, average verification request is returned in 24 hours.

Receive genuine verifications

Since our system screens landlords who respond to rental verifications to be genuine using our automated landlord screening technology, you can have peace of mind, knowing that the verifications have not been faked by someone claiming to be their landlord. (Coming Soon)

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per returned verification

  • No signup fees
  • No charge for non-answers
  • Mulitple household members per request

How to request rental verification inside AppFolio with RenterFile

With our RenterFile chrome extension installed

1. You request rental verification inside AppFolio

2. Landlord receives email invitation to provide a rental verification online

3. Landlord follows a link to an online form where they answer a few fact-based questions about their tenant

4. Landlord verifies that they are genuine landlord by answering a few questions about them (Coming soon)

5. You see the verification report right inside AppFolio Application