Receive landlord references faster

Requesting a landlord reference through our system takes 76% faster to get a landlord reference. (We send daily reminders on your behalf!)

Prevent fake landlord references

Many tenants forge their landlord references by asking their friends/family to act as their landlord. Requesting a reference through us ensures that you get a reference from a verified landlord. (We verify each landlord's identity and the ownership of property.)

No Printing Costs

Since all the transactions are done online, there's no need to print or fax forms. (Eco-friendly)

Ensure compliance

No need to worry what information can/cannot be shared about your tenant, because all of the information that your property managers share on our system is standardized, fact-based and Fair Housing compliant.

Save time & money

Responding to a rental verification request through our system saves 5 to 10 minutes per request compared to faxing and emailing verifications. Our online solution eliminates your verification printing costs.

Get more positive reviews

We encourage users to give your company a positive review on Yelp/Google after they receive a rental verification report about your tenant.

Integrate with your software

Integration with your property manage- ment software saves your company even more time and improves the accuracy of the verifications because the questions are automatically answered from the tenant’s lease on your software. Currently integrates with Propertyware. Integration with Appfolio and Buildium is coming soon.