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Get More Client Leads From Realtors with your own mobile app for Realtors!
Put your personal app on every Realtor’s phone in your area and keep them engaged with your brand with the help of your mobile app resulting in more leads.

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Over 20 Realtor Referral Mobile Apps completed

Problem with Realtor Referrals

It’s hard to get Leads from Realtor Referrals. Requires a lot of time to follow up and to stay top of mind of Realtors. No clear way to differentiate yourself from other PMC. No easy way for Realtor to see the status of their referrals.

Solution (Your own mobile app for Realtors)

Give Realtors a useful tool instead of your business card. Keep Realtors top of mind by being on their phones and sending them push notification based on their transactions. Differentiate yourself as the leader/pro on your local market. Integrate with your CRM with zapier integration.

Why Now?

COVID-19 caused a lot of uncertainty for PMs so finding more business is essential. PMs need to look ahead and start working on strategies that will help them grow post COVID-19. Owner leads from Realtor referrals have proven to be a very good way to get more business. Technology is becoming more available to help get more business from Realtors. Being the first to have this tool will put you ahead of your competition.

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RentSafe's mobile app is most cost-effective lead generation tool



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  • $299 one-time setup fee
  • Free to download App from App Stores
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Full Demo of the PM Referral App with Admin features