Request Landlord Reference

Submit the form below to request the landlord to electronically answer the following questions about their resident.

Would they re-rent to resident, if qualified?

Monthly rent amount?

Was an eviction filed?

Did resident make any late payments?

Were any payments returned Non-sufficient?

Does resident owe a past due balance?

Did resident have animals?

What types of animals lived at the property?

Where animals authorized?

Did resident give proper notice to vacate?

Move-in/Move-out dates?

A processing fee of $4.99 is to be paid by the resident. An email will be sent to the resident with instructions on how to pay the fee online for processing the landlord reference request.

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Upload a copy of applicant's consent for landlord reference check. You can use our sample form or upload your existing one that you fax or email to landlords to fill out. As long as it has a signature from applicant.