Verify Rental History

Rental Reference checks (Rental History Verification) are extremely valuable, but traditional way of doing them have a set of problems

  • It’s a manual process of calling, faxing or emailing a previous landlord.
  • On average takes 2-7 days to receive a rental reference from previous landlord.
  • Most previous landlords are not willing to provide any useful information due to fear of being sued.
  • There is no incentive for landlord to respond to landlord reference.
  • No way to verify if the person who’s giving a reference is truly a previous landlord.

Verify Applicant's Rental History online

Landlord fills out a simple form with tenant's information, previous landlord's email address, and uploads a release authorization and hits submit. The prior landlord receives an email with a custom link to submit a landlord reference. The email also includes the release authorization image as an attachment. The previous landlord followed the link from their email and fills out a quick form with fact-based questions about their past tenant's performance. If this is the first time that the previous landlord visits Renter Inc, they will be required to provide proof of ownership of the property where their prior tenant lived. Once approved by our staff (in 1-3 hours), landlord reference is emailed to the requesting landlord and the landlord who submitted it. The landlord reference is also made public for future landlords to search.

Request Landlord Reference Online


  • Rental references are requested and submitted online, no need to fax, email consent forms
  • Request emailed with a link to a simple form to fill out. We also send reminders every day so you don't have to keep checking the status.
  • There are incentives for landlords to respond quickly because they earn credits based on how quick they respond
  • Landlords have peace of mind because they know that everything they share is legal and fact based.
  • All references are submitted by verified landlords. No need to wonder if you're getting a fake reference.

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