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Renter Database collects fact based tenant history from landlords, property managers, and apartments and makes it available to the rental housing community to help screen tenants more accurately. Those who share their tenant’s rental history receive credits which they can then use to lookup their future rental applicants. Every time a tenant moves out from our member properties, a report is automatically generated and sent to our Renter Database. Our database easily integrates with many property management software with only 5-10 minute one time setup. Private landlords who don’t use any property management software use our website to submit reports about their tenants manually using a simple form.


  • Get credits for sharing rental history about your tenants, which give you free searches in our database.
  • Ensure that all the data we ask you to share with us is legally sharable with others in the rental housing community.
  • Save time and money, by directing landlord verification requests to search the our database.
  • Help the rental housing community and improve your reputation.
  • No manual work needed, after initial setup with your software, reports to the database are completely automated.

Here is a simple one page form that landlords uses to submit their tenant to our database

Submit Landlord Reference

What’s reported into Renter Database?

Most of the data automatically flows from the tenant’s move out record that’s in the property management system. These reports could include all or some of the following data.

  • Move in / Move out dates
  • Rent amount paid?
  • Number of times paid late?
  • Bounced check was given?
  • Money owed on move-out?
  • Gave sufficient notice on move out?
  • Got evicted?
  • Broke a lease agreement?
  • Unauthorized guests/pets?
  • Reports of complaints?
  • Criminal Activity?

If data is manually submitted by private landlord, it could also include more information such as:

  • Would you rent to them again?
  • What was the level of care or rental unit?
  • Overall 5 star rating as a tenant

    The report also contains the contact information of the landlord where the data came from so you contact them for more information.

    If you're from Sacramento area, join the our Sacramento Rental History Database, there are more benefits then the national database

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